Bateel sell luxury gourmet food products such as Dates and Chocolates across the globe.

The company has a strong brand presence in the middle-east, being highly successful there, but were not performing successfully online in the USA.

They wanted to make the most from digital marketing by advertising with Google but were ending up with a 52% negative ROI the year before we worked with them.


Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their ROI for Google advertising.

Our Solution.

Crunch were hired and stepped in with the goal of increasing revenue from their campaigns. We were given the Creative Content they wanted to use in their adverts and set off to optimise their digital advertising.

Our strategy has 3 steps:

1.Analysing user behaviour to gain insights.

2.Organising the different campaigns based on these insights.

3.Monitoring the campaigns to optimise budget.

Using insight, adaptablility and key understanding of customer behaviour, digital geography and strategic planning, we implemented the threefold campaign to really look to increase reach and attract customers based on intelligence.

Overall Results.

  • We took Bateel from a negative ROI of -52% to a positive ROI of +31%