Bishop Grosseteste University – Crunch Digital Media

Case Study

Bishop Grosseteste University

A combined strategy to carry students across the full Clearing journey.
  • 25,000 social clicks.
  • 2,630 Google clicks.
  • 888 conversions.

A campaign that took a bold leap into Clearing to bolster their applications.

Lincoln-based University, Bishop Grosseteste University challenged us with running their entire Clearing campaign 2018. The campaign strategy was based around building up awareness ahead of results day and going heavy on conversions.


25,000 clicks across social media & programmatic. 2,630 clicks across Google. 70,422 optimisation changes. 888 conversions.

Engineered for Clearing

Our strategy was engineered based on the premise that when we got to results day, we wouldn’t have had time to ‘sell’ the university and raise brand awareness.

Convincing over time

A combined strategy was needed to ensure we carried students across the full clearing journey. This meant connecting with students prior to Clearing and through to results week, then executing heavily on conversion during Results day.

Trimming wasted spend

In total we made over 70,422 optimisation changes on the account to drive success. These were day-by-day monitoring and tracking ensuring the campaign was scoring highly every step of the way.

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