A combined strategy to carry students across the full Clearing journey.

Our Strategy.

Bishop Grosseteste University challenged us with running their entire Clearing campaign in 2018. The campaign strategy was based on building up awareness of the University ahead of results day to get great conversions through Clearing.

If Results Day arrived and we hadn’t built up any brand awareness beforehand, we would not have the time to sell the university and raise brand awareness. People act very quickly when it comes to Clearing, so it was important that the right audience already had Bishop Grosseteste in mind when Results Day arrived.

We applied a combined strategy to ensure we carried students across the entire clearing journey, meaning we connected with students before Clearing and through to results week. On Results Day, we could then push heavily for conversions.

In total, we made over 70,422 optimisation changes on the account to drive success. Day-by-day monitoring and tracking were essential to ensure the campaign was scoring highly every step of the way.

Overall Results.

  • 25,000¬†SOCIAL CLICKS.
  • 2,630¬†GOOGLE CLICKS.