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Case Study

Breast Cancer Now

An award winning national brand awareness campaign.
  • 4.9 millions video views.
  • 13 million impressions.
  • 53% ad recall increase.

A partnership agency national awareness campaign with a Casual Films video productions

Breast Cancer Now is one of the largest breast cancer charities in the UK. For over 25 years the charities have been funding the very best in breast cancer research with notable advances including the development of a new drug, Olaparib. With a wealth of experience behind them, Breast Cancer Now is a new brand. Research suggests that over 41% of people have prompted awareness of the brand.


600,000 full video views, 3 million engagements & 53% ad recall increase of 146,900 people

Campaign built upon audiences

Our strategy was built around the segmenting two audiences - ‘diagnosed’ and ‘affected’ by breast cancer, with an aim to ensure that every individual diagnosed or affected by breast cancer was made aware of the research done by Breast Cancer Now.

Personalising the experience

The core focus of our digital campaign was audience segmentation which has allowed us to present users with personalised messaging and engagement funnels.

Insight into engagement

86.50% of the audience we engaged with have been females; as we thought! Mobile traffic saw the best results of any device with the most sessions, the highest number of conversions and conversion rate.

“We chose them for their straightforward but well thought out strategy and their clear technical expertise. I've been very impressed by their knowledge, passion and attention to detail. ”

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