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Case Study

Protected: Careers Wales

A campaign to inform students & parents about the various options that Careers Wales are available to talk through.
  • 950,000 Impressions.
  • 2,633 Clicks.
  • 44 Messages.

What we did?

We understood that Careers Wales wanted to reach both school leavers, FE leavers and parents so our solution was simple. We chose media that would educate users, whilst also making sure that the chosen media would allow users to directly contact the Careers Wales Facebook page.


Overall Results

950,000 Impressions.

2,633 Clicks.

44 Messages.

Any other metrics to sing about?

The primary platforms that were used during the campaign were Facebook & Instagram as research showed that these two platforms would perform better to reach the target audiences and create engagements. The results speak for themselves showing 12,396 post engagements, 89 post reations, 30 post shares and 16 post saves.

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