Dig Deep

A campaign totally transformed in two months flat.

Dig deep, a charity that provides clean water, safe toilets, and improves hygiene in Kenyan communities, had started a campaign to recruit 5 team leaders to lead a fundraising challenge. After 14 days, it wasn’t working.

Our Solution.

We stepped in to turn a failing campaign around, exceeding the objectives in record time.

With our help, everything turned around in two months. Not only did we recruit the 5 team leaders required for the charity’s challenge, but 8.

  • Fresh eyes

We targeted selected universities and active 18 to 30-year-olds as the new audience. We excluded previous registrations for the role to begin the campaign again with a fresh start.

  • Tailored ads

After the initial connection phase, we designed ads that targeted users who had already engaged with Dig Deep previously. This helped us lock down more of the right audience.

  • The full story

We created sequential messaging based on the user’s experience to bring them along on the journey before prompting them to register.

Overall Results.


  • 310,000 IMPRESSIONS.
  • 958 CLICKS.