We’ve recently had the opportunity to work with an incredible client within the EV space, giving individuals access to EV chargers at the touch of a button.

They came to us to support in their campaign to increase awareness of their network through reach and impact.

This integrated media campaign was to be a national effort, targeted at specific sectors of society for whom this type of network would be most appropriate. This campaign used both above and below the line media

Our Solution.

Using an integrated strategy of digital and above the line media, we were able to develop both a regional and national campaign which used outdoor advertising across cities throughout the UK.

The five-week campaign looked at strategic destinations where EV car owners were more prevalent and our intention was to ensure 1,000,000 national plays and 500,000 regional plays were executed.

Overall Results.

  • Regionally, our five-week campaign delivered more than 630,000 plays, being seen by more than 6,000,000 people per two-weeks.
  • Nationally, the campaign reached an incredible 15,600,000 people per two-weeks, with more 1,300,000 plays overall.