Japanese Internship Recruitment

Historically, this is what Expedia Group had been holding expensive events as their primary recruitment drive in Japan, when looking for interns to join their incredible organisation.

They knew that there was a better, smarter, and more innovative way of recruiting talented student interns which is why they reached out to us.

Together, we wanted to establish a way which would reach more students, in more locations, with trackable results. With roles based in Tokyo and regional offices, they were looking to target domestic students based in Japan and Japanese students overseas looking to return home after studying abroad.

So we got to work..

Our Solution.

Responding to demand fluctuations within the industry, we developed plans that represented the campaigns objectives and was able to be continuously monitored,

Almost one fifth of universities in Japan are based in Tokyo. Expedia found that traditionally this audience is less interested in working in regional offices. With this in mind, we had to consider how we would make the regional roles more appealing to students, in addition to those based in Tokyo. 

There were around 200,000 Japanese students at university internationally, but their wide geographic spread would make it difficult for traditional advertising routes to reach them.

We knew we had to use innovative methods to reach them, wherever they were in the world. So an omni-channel approach was our best solution.

Platforms Utilised:

From hyperlocal targeting using geo-fences around locations of interest, high impact engagement fed social ads and newsfeed retargeting, global look-alike segmentation, keyword research and focus right through to individual targeting and job board enhancement, we really focussed in on the maximum impact solutions that would mean a far more efficient and effective campaign.