Helping a multinational appliance and electronics retailer deliver a promotional campaign in support of the World Cup whilst developing their brand awareness.

Our Solution.

We broke the campaign down into three stages to effectively drive awareness of Hisense’s product. Engaged users were directed through to the website for product information and drive sales:

  1. Brand Awareness

The first step in developing brand awareness for Hisense focused on two considerations, the audience and their use of digital media. TikTok was incorporated whilst a programmatic campaign supported this by targeting users who had expressed intent to buy, segmented upon age demography.

  1. Brand Awareness Continued

Throughout the second stage of the campaign, brand awareness was again the objective. Differing from the first stage was the emphasis on social media platforms. We began to incorporate Facebook and Instagram alongside TikTok. These platforms enabled enhanced and consistent targeting of the same audience – those who had expressed intent to buy over 70 days.

  1. Retargeting

The third stage of this campaign involved retargeting to ensure that the audience’s journey with brand exposure was reinforced both before and during the game. This stage was staggered in its approach. Overall, it took several weeks to effectively promote Hisense’s offerings and drive the audience to the company website.

The Results.

  • 30,000 WEBSITE VISITS.
  • Facebook generated a total of 898,156 impressions and 13,907 clicks.
  • TikTok generated 6,189 clicks before the football match and 4,344 clicks during the football.