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Charity campaigns: limited spend, higher rewards

Implement a charity campaign on a limited budget

Charities are constantly looking for various methods to increase their fundraising and to raise awareness to attract supporters. With charities covering a large spectrum of society with causes which are close to people’s hearts, the opportunities are endless. Often content is available but is overlooked.

Organisations, including charities, usually spend significant amounts of money on video productions. But the true return of investment is when content amplification helps you reach a significantly wider audience.

The ways that charities and their supporters can fundraise the essential funds include volunteers, gala events, product sales, events and publicity; and digital can support all these aspects. When it comes to digital, charities do not have a bottomless pit of money. Digital marketing is important for a charity, and the voluntary sector drives £44 billion of the nation’s income and non-profits increasing by 82% investment in social media. Statistics have shown there are over 3.5 billion searches online every day which equates to 1.2 trillion searches a year. Online donations in Britain increased by 5.5% in 2018 whilst the overall donations declined compared to 2017.

Charities small and large

Charities of all sizes, from small start-ups to large well-known organisations need a digital presence to reach a wider audience to assist them in increasing their donations, volunteers and presence. With each organisation’s budgets varying and today’s changing economy, people are changing how much they will give to charity, as they want to make sure the donation will be used effectively to a cause close to their hearts.

Through creating a captivating story with supporting imagery and the utilisation of various social platforms, a campaign can be implemented and to ensure that the budget is stretched across the campaign and into the platforms which will show a high return on investment. The charity will see this investment through an increase of supporters, donations and volunteers.
Digital marketing can allow charities to become agile and reach audiences they wish to engage with.

  1. Amplify your super-best content

Not all your content will be your best. Test and learn what people like, record what’s popular. With a campaign that is targeted at a specific audience and a cause close to people’s hearts, a successful charity campaign can prove to have a successful return on investment in terms of raising awareness of the cause and charity and increasing the number of supporters.

  1. Engage with Influencers on social

Influencer marketing has become a billion-dollar industry creating some of the youngest millionaires ever. However, it’s not only for big brands like Pepsi. The concept of using influential people on social media to amplify and reinforce your message is a great marketing tactic and can work extremely well for charities. By engaging with influencers, you can reach an audience with your message much more effectively than any organic campaign will. Micro-influencers tend to have high engagement rates as they build ‘diehard’ followers. As they view the influencers they follow as credible sources of information, engaging with them will only strengthen your brand image.

  1. Know your niche charity community

With over 180,000 registered charities in Britain which cover a variety of causes from medical research to foundations, there are a variety of causes that people can donate to, which are close to their hearts. There are four aspects which people need to consider when donating to a charity:

  • Trust and credibility
  • Emotional triggers
  • Contrast and reciprocity
  • Commitment

Through combining these areas with another four triggers which would persuade an individual to donate which are;

  • Make it easy
  • Attract attention
  • Focus on social
  • Timing matters

75% of charities feel raising awareness of their cause is a top reason to utilise digital marketing with 59% using it to engage with the community and 57% using it to help with their fundraising.

96% of European charities say that they aren’t utilizing digital marketing to the full potential to help their charities, with 74% of donors being inspired to donate through digital channels.

Brand awareness is a digital marketing challenge with 47% believing it is a challenge with 91% using social media to assist them to achieve their objectives and 40% using paid search engine marketing.

These statistics show that researching the audience that the charity wants to target, they can reach their goal or conversion for a campaign.

Crunch has worked with large organisational charities along with small charities. We worked on a campaign after the merger of Breast Cancer Care and Breakthrough Breast Cancer Now. The campaign was a year-long driving awareness for Breast Cancer Now. This campaign used several aspects of digital media to reach their specified audience including those who had been indirect. The results included 3.7 million impressions, 115,670 full video views along with over a million engagements. The ad recalled 95,800 people with 549 post shares and 176 post likes.

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Through implementing a strategy which resonates with an audience, this can prove to be successful. If you’d like any information about creating a charity campaign, contact us, email