Finalists – ‘Media Agency of the Year’ – Crunch Digital Media


Finalists – ‘Media Agency of the Year’

The Drum Digital Advertising Awards Europe - Finalist 2019

Splendid news arrived in March that saw us punching the air with delight. News that represents Crunch’s best practices and high-quality advertising along with our incredibly talented people. Out of 100s of entries we have made the final three to potentially be Media Agency of the Year.

Our view – translating Adtech

We give the power of marketing to recruitment, education and charities. Recruiters trying to fill positions for GPs, nurses, carers all need to access digital strategies that turn the whole internet into a recruitment task. Our Ad-Ops team now stand toe-to-toe with the best in the world, with their knowledge of how modern media buying works.

We believe our Ad-Ops Team’s true strength is the ability to translate an impenetrable adtech world, that brings and hands that power to our clients. For our clients, we build through bringing them with us to experiment and push the boundaries of what is possible when you match high quality strategy stacked with research and rationale.

What is The Drum?

The Drum Recommends is a global platform built on unbiased data designed to bring brands and agencies together under one roof. It’s a scoring system that is rated by clients who have experienced your service; the true zero moment of truth.

Along with two other major advertising agencies across the UK and Europe, Crunch were named one of three finalists for ‘Media Agency of the Year’ with The Drum. Pitched against global giants M&C Saatchi Performance and the7stars programmatic team, it shows the sheer quality of the campaigns we implement.

Our work isn’t localised; It’s global. Our Ad-Ops team are rarely recognised by the typical large marketing awards such as The Drum, yet they stand alongside the great and the good of the industry. They are the backbone of our company.