Utilising SEO.


It’s always best to hire an experienced SEO expert whether you’re looking for PPC advertising or organic SEO services. However, with a little knowledge you can also improve your own SEO today simply by making a few small changes to your website.

Here are 6 tips to improve your SEO now:

  • Make it Secure

Google seems to favour those sites that are secure with the Https:// prefix. Make sure you have a security certificate for your website to see instant improvements in your SEO.

  • Breathe Life into Old Content

If your website has a history spanning a few years that’s great. Google prefers established websites. However, you may have a blog that has hidden valuable content that’s old and out of date. Revisit anything before 2015, give it a tweak and republish it.

  • Refresh Meta Titles and Descriptions

Your meta descriptions should be enticing to the reader, along with including words you’d like to be found for online. These are your organic SEO ads, and will show up in search when someone Googles your product or services. It needs to make the visitor want to choose your website over the competition and it also needs to inform Google of what your page is about so it can display the best results for searchers.

  • Ensure People Can Share Content

You’ve heard us wax lyrical about the importance of creating content that people want to share. Google prefers popular content and sharing shows that you are popular. Have you considered how people share your content? Is it easy for visitors to share with a single click to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter? Make sure you have the right plug ins, so when a visitor wants to share your content, they can, easily.

  • Create Internal Links

Internal links can keep people on your site for longer, which then lowers bounce rates and shows Google people are interested in your site. Link to blog posts, to questions and answers, and make sure there’s always somewhere else to go and lengthen the website experience on every page.

  • Publish Video Scripts

If you have a lot of videos on site you could benefit by publishing the scripts. The extra content will please Google and will help you rank for your keywords. This also offers your visitors an enriched user experience, as not everyone can listen to videos, such as when they’re in a doctor’s waiting room or have misplaced their headphones!

As always, to improve your organic SEO all you need to do is make sure your intentions are honourable. You want to create content that visitors love and provides the right information to Google.