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AdWords Updates

Advertising with AdWords has just got easier. Google has recently released the latest addition to their repertoire – the Google AdWords android app. The AdWords android app allows users to easily view and manage the performance of their campaigns and adverts. The app is available globally for all existing AdWords customers. The beauty of the AdWords android app is that users can simply pick up their mobile phone and use it anywhere they have an internet signal. Users simply need to download the brand new app and they will have all of their campaigns at their fingertips.

The features of the AdWords android app are similar to the desktop website. Features include:

  • Viewing campaign statistics
  • Adjustments bids and budgets
  • Viewing opportunities and suggestions which can help users to improve their campaigns
  • Receiving real-time notifications and alerts
  • Being able to call or email a Google expert directly from the app
  • Feedback to Google
adwords android app

Via AdWords Blogspot

Users are quickly made aware of any changing data and can react accordingly. The app can also be very useful for time-sensitive promotions and sale periods. For eCommerce business owners, this may be particularly useful. Even if these owners aren’t at their desks on Christmas Day, they can still boost campaigns during their Christmas Sales! When users open the app, they can see a summary of their costs, clicks and conversions. For more detailed results, users can see data from different ad groups, days of the week and devices.

The AdWords android app can be downloaded onto the user’s mobile phone via the Google Play Store. The app is available for devices that use Android version 4.0 or later. For more information about the AdWords android app, visit the Google AdWords Help centre. Being ahead of the game has never been easier with the new Google Adwords android app. To become a valued client of ours, please contact us to find out more information regarding free Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimisation reviews and proposals.