Out of home advertising – got a whole lot smarter.


The pain point with OOH has always been the trackable element. Does it really work, what’s the ROI? Does a £30k billboard takeover on a prime spot pay? The answer is…it could. But where digital becomes impactful is when a campaign is layered with multiple overlays of media selections.

It would have been really easy to disregard traditional advertising or out-of-home (OHH) with a sweep (or swipe) of the hand and focus completely on the digital revolution.

But… something incredible is happening. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is actually growing. That’s because rather than resisting the digital changes, it is embracing them with arms wide open, and the results are undeniable.

We’re all familiar with OOH ads; we see them on buses on our way to work, at the baggage claim after our weekend break, on big screens while we’re out shopping, and even on our doormats amongst our post. We are living in a digital age… but we’re still human. And this is where things are becoming really interesting.

Making OOH count for colleges.

Let’s say a local college or university is looking to up their game in the lead up to enrollment. They want to get more people through the door for open evenings. They know as soon as the prospective students walk through the door that’s when they can really show them how bright their futures could be and get them signed up for the upcoming term.

Conveniently, most of us don’t leave the house without our mobiles, smart watches or another wearable tech; all of which tracking and tracing different aspects of our behavior and locations. What does this mean for our OOH college ads? Well, according to Google one-third of all mobile searches have local intent.

If a college has done a geographic blanket of OOH advertising and wants to start knowing attendees for Open Evening enrolment. The digital journey begins. Best of all, the college can determine exactly which served ads are effective through the geotargeting and other traceable tags included in the ads. This means that finally, traditional forms of advertising are now measurable.

Metrics matter.

The OOH industry seems to be getting more ingenious by the day; thanks to digital enhancements and measurable campaigns. Curious to find out more about digitally enhanced OOH advertising? Crunch Simply Digital is here to answer your questions.

At Crunch, we do offer out-of-home media as an additional service. Our core service is digital and we do media bookings for billboards, airports, buses and train as a complimentary service. Especially great for education when raising brand awareness adds real value.

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