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I’m sure we have all seen a dystopian film or two where the characters are inhabiting a land that does not resemble the past. Generally, these films are set in a post-apocalyptic world. You know the films I’m talking about; I watched I Am Legend with Will Smith the other day and for some reason found myself imagining a post-apocalyptic world without my favourite high street chicken restaurant, Nandos.

Recently, I have read numerous articles on the shortage of workers within the food industry and how this has impacted all levels of the food chain. There is a fantastic article about Nandos and its struggles with the recent blips in the food chain here:

Nandos’ problems, as this article highlights, cannot be attributed to one factor, there are numerous issues occurring at the same time. Lack of HGV drivers, chicken shortages and Britain’s Pingdemic to name a few.

The shortage of HGV drivers is an issue that needs looking at. With a history of underpayment, now is the time to rectify the years of low pay and pay HGV drivers what they are worth. Otherwise, I don’t see an end to food shortages and I for one will miss a cheeky Nandos!

At Crunch Digital Media, we have been working with a top five logistics firm to help them recruit HGV drivers. The results for the past week are staggering.

The campaign so far has 1,935 clicks from 136,124 impressions, resulting in a CTR of 1.42%.
From the social engagement breakdown, we can see that there had been 817 post engagements, 40 post reactions, 19 post comments, 1 post save and 11 post shares.

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