Google charging the undergraduate campaign.


Optimising and continual monitoring is no secret when running high performing campaigns. Crunch has run thousands of undergraduate campaigns through our AdOps team.

As an AdOps Executive, Ghenaa Ahmed’s day-to-day work centralises around set-ups, optimisation and delivery. Her focus is always to drive the best campaign for our clients. Wanting to understand what drives a successful undergraduate campaign, we asked Ghenaa to give us her first-hand experience.

“Implementing effective digital campaigns across multiple platforms is my everyday job. Digital allows marketers to achieve targets by tracking each user’s move. Recently, I found heightened success in Google undergraduate course campaign generating increased click-through rates (CTR’s). This increase in clicks was made with a foundation of research and understanding the market trends through behaviour choices and interests.” Ghenaa shared with us.

Simplicity is key.

Sometimes advertisers may overlook simplicity, especially when it comes to keyword advertising through Google. Understanding an audience’s intent and being able to respond to that intent makes the difference between a campaign being successful, or not.

In today’s digital world “students are online searching and consuming content in all forms when they decide whether or not to go to university and which universities to apply for” we quote Harry Walker, Industry Head at Google saying.

Understanding what young students would actually be searching for and using those search terms have proved successful. By not over-complicating keywords and having a clear and concise actionable advert, which leads students to a landing page, results in a positive click-through rate. Research is the start point, and AdOps implement those research findings through segmentation and targeting.

Ask us about campaign success.

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