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During the pandemic, there was a huge rise in social media usage as people were confined to their homes and therefore relied upon online platforms to keep in touch with the wider world. Subsequently, advertisers spent more money on targeted ads with the UK’s programmatic ad spend seeing an increase of 16.4%.

As recruiters, you will be looking to tap into the ever-expanding online world to effectively engage with audiences and find potential candidates suited to your business. An Aberdeen study found that 73% of 18–34 year-olds found their last job through a social network, which is a clear indicator of where businesses may now prioritise their marketing efforts.

Finding that perfect candidate.

Digital media tech offers science and engineering to improve your recruitment campaigns. The use of analytics and algorithms allow us to accurately gauge which forms of media advertising work best, boosting the performance of campaigns through optimised targeting.

When looking at your audiences, it is useful to group them into passive and active users. Active being job searchers and passive being social accounts on platforms your business may use. This allows you to identify warm leads to improve conversion rates while also identifying avenues that can expose your business to those not actively looking for the specific job that you are offering.

This passive audience of a significant number can be tapped into when knowing what online activity to monitor. A successful digital campaign would gather information on demographics, online behaviour, search activity and any previous engagement with your pages. It is through this that you can identify the “perfect candidate” who may or may not already be looking for your employment positions and gear content towards them.

How we do it.

At Crunch, we use Quantum Programmatic Data to create data-driven, interactive, smart job advertising campaigns to attract required talent and capture it. QPD works in partnership with multiple job aggregators across the world, to gather real-time data on those seeking jobs online. For example, it could include candidates who have searched for a job as recently as 15 minutes ago, in a particular location. This allows us to create incredibly relevant content that serves an immediate purpose, reducing wastage and leading to higher application volume.

The strategy for success.

In terms of our strategy, we establish a balance between performance channels and innovation channels. 80% of the budget would be allocated to performance channels, those being reliable platforms with precedented success such as Facebook and Instagram. Innovation channels would then involve the use of platforms such as TikTok and other rapidly growing but relatively new outlets that we identify as having a market gap. These innovation channels are what allow us to cut through the noise and get ahead of the competition.

When using these platforms for targeted advertising, especially on performance channels, there are multiple effective forms of engaging with your audience. The simplest form is newsfeed retargeting. This involves sending video/image content to the newsfeeds of users who have shown an interest in your positions, with the intention of converting them through to your application portal. There are then more advanced, technical ways of converting, such as the use of WhatsApp to create a chatbot that automatically answers user questions that could alleviate any doubt they had about applying for your advertised positions. Getting to know the features these popular platforms offer is hugely beneficial to the success that can be seen when recruiting online.

Leave it to the experts.

As much as we love sharing what we do and how we do it, we prefer putting it to action. As businesses of today move further into the online world and realise the importance of social media presence. It is people like us that make that transition not only a smooth one but a fruitful one.

The team at Crunch are passionate about marketing and we make it our priority to not only keep up to date with the latest features and trends but to be trendsetters ourselves, making use of the rapidly growing online world to put your business in the spotlight and cut through the noise of an increasingly loud landscape.

To find out more about what we can do for your business, get in touch with us today.