What does a cookie-less world mean for your business?

Well, first, we must define what “cookie-less” means. In a cookie-less world, we would describe it as a way of marketing that is less dependent on “cookies” or code placed on users’ browsers when customers visit a website. Typically, this code would be tracked to view user behaviour and compile data geared towards subsequently improving the user experience. Since Google and Apple announced a crackdown on third party tracking and data, it has led to forced evolution in the digital marketing field, as we attempt to adapt to the increased demand for data usage transparency, especially on popular social media sites. This social media crackdown has a significant impact on marketing, as sites like Facebook are a huge lead generation stream for businesses targeting consumer news-feeds. With less room for data, there is a knock-on effect on revenue that comes with successful ad campaigns.

Quick and long-term fixes to be privacy compliant and gain audience insights

So how can we combat this data crackdown? There are quick fixes and long term fixes that can be implemented to ensure you stay profitable in this new environment, and we will discuss them below…..

Quick fixes:

  • Take advantage of first party data
  • Ensure high quality branding and purpose to your own website, and make it an attractive user destination, to garner data implementation from your audience first hand. Use sign ups and other incentivised methods to encourage data sharing with your platform.
  • Make it easy to opt in to accept cookies.
  • With it being your own website and therefore first-hand data, cookies are not excluded by Google. Take advantage of this by prompting users to accept cookies and offer their data.
  • Ramp up your email marketing
  • Encourage users to navigate to a landing page, encouraging a sign up of information. Utilise HubSpot to build your email lists to make the campaign efficient and targeted.
  • Send surveys to gain further insight.

Long term fixes:

  • Keep your website design with privacy and performance in mind.
  • Keep up to date on regulation and ensure your website is always compliant. Take advantage of the techniques that are still practicable
  • Chatbots – A marketing tool that saves time and tracks consented data. Allows users to get answers to common queries without a team needing to be on hand.
  • Utilise Google Tag manager for compliant data tracking
  • Build a strong social media audience
  • Become less dependent on third party social media promotion and build your own organic presence. – Businesses who can establish solid ground in the new regulated world of social media will have a huge head start on those who struggle to be self-reliant.

The future of digital

The changing of the landscape of E-Commerce was greater in the first 5 months of the pandemic than in the previous 10 years. Some would say it is merely an accelerated introduction of the inevitable, as the world moves online in both a social and business sense. With this move comes innovation, as new ideas sprout from the minds of those seeking to jump aboard the digital ship. As a marketing agency, we must ensure that we are more adaptable than ever, with holistic marketing solutions covering multiple channels, whether search, social or email, vital to keeping up with the shift. Essentially, as a business, it is important to refrain from focusing your efforts on one audience channel, as either through regulation or lack of user activity, that channel may stop bringing the desired results. Be flexible, embrace innovation, and your business can thrive in the digital world of the future.

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