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Can’t Find the Goal? Should’ve Gone to Specsavers

This fabulous demonstration of sports marketing ironically centres around the UK’s worst football team.

Cavaliers FC are a club based in Stockport, Cheshire, and are notoriously known for being the worst football club in country. Last season, the club didn’t win a single match. The Cavaliers were facing failure after failure and eventually ended up sending out a tweet asking for help after losing 0-26 at a home game.

The tweet was noticed by the acclaimed optician’s company, Specsavers, who identified a comedic marketing opportunity in the club’s plea for assistance. With the help of free eye tests which were offered to each player, perhaps the Cavaliers would finally be able to locate the goal! Specsavers also provided the club with a fresh rebrand, giving the team a brand-new kit and nutritional supplements.

But the marketing campaign didn’t end here. Following the hashtag #BestWorstTeam, Specsavers, got ex-premier league player Jimmy Bullard on board to begin a YouTube series dedicated to improving Cavaliers FC.

The YouTube series now has two instalments up for its #BestWorstTeam series, receiving over 35,000 views between them. The channel itself, ‘Specsavers’ Best Worst Team’ has 1.23k subscribers. Aside from the marketing success, since the sponsorship, the Cavaliers have won their first game!

An applaud worthy campaign all round.

Adidas ‘Support is Everything’ Campaign Supports Female Athletes in More Ways Than One

If you’re a frequent user of LinkedIn, chances are you have seen Adidas’s ‘Support is Everything’ campaign pop up on your feed a few times.

Promoting their new sports bra range, Adidas noted the need for different types of sports bras and support for different women and proved this fact by including a collage including many different female breasts. The nudity of the campaign made it quite the eye-catcher, and a hot topic of debate for many.

The campaign aimed to champion the differences in women’s body’s, normalising individuality and showing the need for different types of support in sports bras. The campaign was eye-catching and thought provoking – sticking in people’s minds. This is, after all, the recipe for a successful campaign.

As the campaign continued, a new creative element was installed on the streets of London. Adidas placed five statues of female athletes from various areas of sport, from football, to dance, to rugby.

The campaign continued its focus around sports bras. Though it may not have had the initial shock-factor of Adidas’s previous campaign, the statues had a shock-factor of their own. Very few women have been ‘awarded’ statues in London, there are currently more statues in the city of animals than women.

The 3D printed statues drew attention to this fact, showing once again how Adidas are trying to pave the way for female athletes. The statues were also made entirely from recycled plastics, reinforcing their dedication to sustainability.

The statues were placed along the South Bank under Tower Bridge which is the perfect visual location to gain attention and allow for the campaign to be easily shared. Adidas tackled support in two senses of the word – from actual breast support through best-in-the-game sports bra technology, to supporting female athletes in getting more exposure.

TikTok Sponsors the Women’s Six Nations

The Women’s Six Nations kicked off on Saturday, March 26th. It’s an extremely exciting year for women’s rugby because, for the first time in history, the Women’s Six Nations has a title partner and it’s the hottest app of the moment – TikTok.

With the investment from TikTok, this area of rugby has much more room for development. The general manager of TikTok (Europe) said, ‘the fast growth of sporting talent, fan communities, sports trends and commentary on TikTok makes the platform a compelling place to engage new and existing audiences for Six Nations Rugby, bringing the spirit and passion of these iconic tournaments to our diverse and creative community.’

TikTok’s instant accessibility allows fans across the globe many ways to follow everything going on in the Women’s Six Nations. TikTok will allow rugby fans to see past the names on the back of a shirt and build a narrative around their favourite players. Generally, personal social media content tends to perform best, so this approach to the upcoming games is an extremely clever way to increase interest and coverage of the women’s teams.

Already, TikTok has gained over 5.1 billion views for its #rugby content, and #SixNationsRugby is a rapidly growing hashtag on the app, with #SixNations generating 41 million views. There are a few ambitions for this partnership, including growth, participation, and engagement. Dedicated TikTok Rugby Creators will be placed within each home Union to enhance the Tik Tok Women’s Six Nations for fans. These creators will allow people to gain exclusive access to the games, the people, and all the big moments. The partnership will also introduce ways fans can get involved with the hashtag such as in-app activations like custom effects and hashtag challenges.

This partnership is a momentous moment for female sports, and we are looking forward to seeing how the Women’s Six Nations and TikTok perform together during this partnership. Check out some of their TikTok content here.

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