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The importance of SEO.

What is organic SEO? Do you need to invest in organic SEO? If you have a good PPC Agency you may not believe an investment in organic SEO is needed. With a good Adwords company, you should always dominate the search engines, in the ad space at least.

Some searchers, however, will bypass the ads, as they believe they’ll find more natural results in the organic rankings. The organic SEO is basically the results presented that are not paid for, they are not PPC, AdWords, and the position can not be bought.

Organic SEO is Evergreen

As Google Advertisements now take up almost a third of the page, it’s essential to have a good PPC campaign for clicks and conversions. However, a good organic ranking will bring you extra customers and increase your domain authority. Good organic SEO can also last a very long time, and doesn’t stop once you stop spending money on ads.

Organic SEO Advice from Google

Google will not give you advice on how to rank organically per se. They will give guidelines, but they invariably leave it to third party SEO experts like myself to determine this. Google essentially, want to provide the most natural results to their visitors. Like us, they are a business, and they’re in the business of producing the most relevant results in the quickest time possible. They don’t want to produce spam. They don’t want to produce results that would lead the clicker on a wild goose chase to get what they want.

In the past, a company could easily climb the ranks by stuffing a lot of content full of keywords with very high keyword density. As long as the keyword was inserted many times, the page had a good chance of being displayed on the first page, these days it’s not that easy.

Organic SEO Today

Today Google determines the quality of content through reading ease, quality of information, text, popularity, engagement and bounce rates. If you are determined to provide useful, engaging content to your visitors, you’re probably in a good place to win the race to the top of the organic search engine results.

It’s that simple. Of course, you can speed this up by employing an SEO expert to help you. You need good authoritative backlinks, placed on high quality, legible, informative copy, to show that people are sharing and engaging with your website. You also need to ensure that the content on your website is of a high standard, while Meta Descriptions can be optimised to help Google discover your keywords.

The start of 2017 has seen many large companies allocate huge budgets to organic SEO, as good rankings here can reduce your PPC spend overall. PPC is is a brilliant way to gain clicks and advertise but the benefit of organic SEO is that you don’t pay for clicks or conversions.