The prominence of PPC as a digital marketing medium.

An Introduction to PPC

PPC (Pay Per Click) is the fastest growing digital marketing medium with current PPC users upping their budgets approximately 70% year on year. Although this is a strong indicator of how effective a PPC campaign is, only 6% of businesses actually use PPC with 94% relying solely on organic listings.

PPC works by businesses bidding against each other to achieve not necessarily the highest position, but the most effective return on investment. Your ROI can greatly increase if you have a correctly managed and strategic PPC campaign. Unfortunately, a large proportion of these businesses are not managing the campaign to its full potential, so they are actually making a loss.

AdWords always needs to be controlled manually to achieve the best result. There are tools available such as ‘scale and efficiency’ and ‘automated bidding tools.’ A competent marketing manager will have no use for these and will be aware that manually managing a campaign will give you a strong, more effective and faster money making account.

PPC works for all types of businesses. From SME’s to large corporations, from single accounts to multiple campaigns – PPC is the tool to start utilising.

There are over 100 factors within a standard Google AdWords account to make sure the campaign is running at its best, which means it takes years of training to achieve the best possible outcome. Some of these factors include keywords, Ad copy’s, budget, and bid adjustments.

These aspects of a PPC campaign need to be managed on a daily basis, which can become a very time-consuming task. If a campaign manager fails to commit to doing this, you will start to see bad results and also receive punishment from Google which can severely damage your campaign, resulting in a loss to the business.

As well as text Ads which are commonly used throughout the campaign, there are also images or display Ads available such as Google shopping which is extremely effective in eCommerce industries. These have proven immensely successful in creating new and returning businesses.

Within an AdWords campaign, there is a tool available called conversion tracking. Conversion tracking works by showing you what happens after someone clicks on your Ad, whether they made a purchase, signed up for a newsletter or filled out a contact form. Measuring conversions is great for connecting your keywords and Ads to your business goals, seeing how potential custom interacts with your Ads over what devices, i.e. mobile, tablet etc and most importantly boosting your ROI.

Overall if you’re looking to build a successful, strong and effective online business a PPC campaign is the way forward! To find out more about PPC Management packages we can offer click here.