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PingPong Digital: Get your brand noticed across China

Being able to communicate effectively with your customer is of the utmost importance for any social media campaign. This is where PingPong Digital steps in. From having the best suited KOLs for your Douyin/TikTok social media campaigns to excellent WeChat web design services and account setups, the logical option is PingPong Digital, just ask Manchester United and Gymshark.

The extent of integration within Chinese social media is a noticeable difference between Chinese and Western platforms. This is especially the case with WeChat, the more advanced counterpart of WhatsApp in China, and Weibo, the Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest hybrid. By enabling users to follow their favourite products and interests upon sign-up, along with following trends, engaging in conversation with brands and friends within a completely integrated messaging service, this further demonstrates the potential for e-commerce to flourish on a social app, as seen by WhatsApp Business. B2C marketing has never been simpler and isn’t an opportunity for your brand to miss!

Toutiao, the news app that delivers articles based on your preferences in the same way that Netflix provides content, powered by user reviews and feedback, is another example of China’s focus on personalisation. With the experience of PingPong Digital to deliver outstanding ads within Toutiao and other platforms, it increases the probability of consumer acceptance due to being included within already personalised content. This increases the CTR of your ad campaigns whilst saving valuable cash, raising brand awareness, interaction and sales.

The agency for enhancing your brand recognition in the Chinese community is PingPong Digital. Their comprehensive service provision for entering the Chinese market, such as brand authentication to hit 95% of Chinese-based search traffic, is the only UK-based agency officially partnered with WeChat and Weibo, making it an absolute must to obtain permission to target your Chinese customers. By using PingPong Digital, you don’t only get the reassurance of quality service, but also the trust of the Chinese market.

With the need to do far more, with far less there has never been a better time to explore the opportunities that digital provides. If you’d like more information about running a campaign, drop us a line