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Data Solutions: Go beyond insights into solving real business problems.

Visually track, analyse and display key performance indicators (KPI). Find your metrics and identify key data points to monitor success and make informed marketing decisions.

Data Offerings

Our Services

Insight as a service

Client segmentation and personas dashboards

Integrated marketing data dashboards Paid + Organic+ Website+CRM+OOH+DigitalTV+ RADIO+PRINT+Sales + any othermarketing data

Solutions Consulting

Marketing Automation + Solution Integration advice

Project Management and Productivity solutions

Insight as a service

Enable analysis-ready live data for client segmentation purposes, making it the key tool for marketing messaging and strategy for team and wider institution

Single out specific team/organisation KPIs, pushing towards internal focus on the data that matters rather than less meaningful evaluation metrics.

Focus on analysis-ready data for decision making, rather than manual report compiling.

Enable teams to leverage the power of agile decision-making by fully using their marketing data.

Avoid internal costs and risks on data infrastructure by utilising Crunch’s secure and GDPR compliant data cloud servers and licenses.

Solutions Consulting

Increase teams' productivity by deploying symbiotic technology solutions (tech stack evaluation & design)

Boost teams’ performance by automating tasks

Streamline process and free team members to act on their domain knowledge rather than navigating tasks

Gain competitive advantage by having an agile and data-driven team

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