Crunch’s exclusive webinar focused on providing insight into Chinese media innovations. The digital landscape is continuously changing, with new media innovations used by students across the world. Understanding the latest trends is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses. 

Our webinar was hosted by Jess Hickman alongside consumer market expert and PingPong Digital’s Director, Toni Kostanic. Crunch partnered with PingPong Digital to clarify the complexities of the latest Chinese media innovations and told viewers where they should focus their marketing strategies for the next international student recruitment cycle.

Webinar Takeaways

  • Recommended approaches to marketing when you can’t travel, e.g. online fairs and virtual experiences.
  • ‘Tour and Tactics’ of Chinese platforms from Weibo and WeChat.
  • Strategies to attract and recruit through digital in the Chinese market.
  • Identifying new media innovations and applications: Toutiao to Douiyan.