Our webinar looked at new and innovative ways to reach potential students. We discussed how to run a successful HE Lead Generation Engine and showcased contemporary ways for institutions to utilise digital to move towards the lead generation engine.

Our expert Josh Tumbridge hosted the webinar alongside Sheffield University. We provided practical information like insights, best practices, and ground-breaking experience to reach and capture both active searchers and the passive potential audience. We believe there are enough efficient advancements in data without increasing your budget, causing digital to become increasingly accessible to all businesses.

Webinar Takeaways

  • Identifying the mechanics of delivering a lead generation engine.
  • Discussing ‘Automation v Personalisation’ within the lead general process.
  • Identify how to define and qualify your leads.
  • Describing how to best practice your HE lead generation campaign.
  • Providing insight into the resources required to enhance digital efforts.