Having your talent pool at your finger tips… sounds good, right?

Let us create a more effective experience for your current recruitment campaigns, utilising industry insights and experience from a collaborative approach between Crunch Digital Media, Videmus Data and Boxharry.

Unfortunately, when recruiting, you can’t just purchase the latest kit and assume your hiring period will be reduced and that you’ll receive huge volumes of applicants. Businesses have to think smarter and use strategies that will perform on demand. So, let the experts support you with that.

Join our experts Simon Crowe (Recruitment specialist)Lety Kemp (Data specialist) and  Simon Brooks (Web Application Specialist) – who will talk you through how, where and when to engage with your target audience to reduce your hiring time and get the candidates you wish for!

Key Takeaways

  • Creating smart and effective media buying campaigns.
  • Discovering new digital media trends and how to use them.
  • Maximising your website’s potential to reduce hiring time.
  • Using automation to get live data and power fast recruitment decisions.