This webinar was held to discuss what the future will look like in a cookie-less world. We explained how increasing privacy measures impact the recruitment and education industries. With big players such as Google and Apple imposing new restrictions on third-party data on top of the recent revelation of the privacy issues behind cookies, we highlighted what changes we expect because of this.

Our experts, Josh Tumbridge and Joel Woodage guided viewers through the issues a cookie-less world will cause. To combat the looming cookie-less landscape, our hosts provided tangible solutions to ensure your advertising plans will perform well under these changes.  

Webinar Takeaways

  • Learn what a cookie-less future looks like for recruitment and education.
  • Discover the challenges these cookie changes will bring to the industry.
  • Find out Solutions for a high-performing advertising strategy for relevant audiences.
  • Solutions to find data solutions and creative workaround that are transparent, brand-safe and accessible.