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Using display to effectively navigate a cookie-less world


With Apple’s IOS 14 bringing us a cookie-less future sooner than we thought and Google announcing plans to phase out the third-party cookie, digital marketers are being given a conundrum … how can we effectively use digital media to reach our target audiences?

Greater privacy control brings huge changes to the digital advertising world, and the recruitment and education market are no exception to these changes.

The Ozone Project is a digital advertising platform that reaches over 99% of UK 18+ adults online, with a unique and unrivalled single reader view across nine premium publisher groups. This allows them to effectively position display content in a quality environment, using a host of touchpoints to accurately profile your audience, offering a firm solution to the third-party cookie question.

Come to our largely anticipated webinar ‘Using display to effectively navigate a cookie-free world’ where Crunch Digital Media’s Josh Tumbridge, along with Ozone agency sales partner Joel Woodage, will guide you through the situation and give you tangible solutions on how to make your advertising plans still perform under these cookie changes.

Webinar Takeaways

-What does a cookie-less future mean for recruitment and education?
-Inside scoop; what challenges will these cookie changes bring?
-Don’t fear, make your advertising strategy performance to your relevant audience and find data solutions and creative workarounds that are transparent, brand safe and accessible

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