West Thames College

A 12-week push campaign to help the college achieve their aim of boosting numbers significantly.

Our Solution.

Highly targeted

To reach such specific audiences, we used LinkedIn demographic targeting, search keyword advertising, white-listing in niche industry news and publications.

All the right channels

We chose each media channel carefully in order to attract the right people, which meant we could deliver a targeted and effective campaign.

Always optimising

Constant monitoring and consequent optimisation meant we exceeded all the client’s expectations.

Constant Optimisation – Increasing conversions

At the midway point, the application drive had accounted for 10,190 clicks from 541,363 impressions leading to an overall increased CTR of 1.88%. We have also seen an increase of 35 conversions in the previous week, taking the campaign conversion total to 220.

Facebook, we ran Newsfeed and Carousel ads and measured the reach, impressions, clicks, unique clicks, post comments, post engagements, post reactions.

On Instagram, we chose to run Video Story Ads, Image Story Ads, Carousel, and Newsfeed Ads measuring the Reach, Impressions, Clicks, Post comments, engagement, reactions, conversions and finally the cost-per-conversion and campaign spend.

The Facebook campaign did not generate any conversions; therefore, we chose to stop it and instead invest the money into Instagram campaigns.

Throughout the whole campaign, we continued to optimise the keywords and targeting in order to achieve high traffic rates, engagement, and conversions at a lower cost per conversion.

Our Results.

  • 10,190 CLICKS
  • 541,363 IMPRESSIONS

The Google search RLSA campaign element was delivering the lowest cost per conversion.