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We bring the most pertinent data together with our behavioural insight, giving it that all-important human context. Then we create a programmatic campaign so tailor-made that it can’t miss your target.

In-depth understanding

With advanced analytics, we study audience engagement in detail. That’s how we spot advantageous patterns in audience trends.

Unique approach

Our human take on your data means we can practically read your audience’s mind. Knowing exactly where and when to reach them, we use powerful algorithms to hit your targets perfectly.

Complete clarity

We efficiently identify and target the leads with the greatest potential. Smart visualisations help us keep track of how we’re doing.

About Programmatic

Programmatic is the process of purchasing digital advertising space automatically. Computer systems will automate your transactions using your data to determine which ads to buy and how much to pay for them in real-time.

Some of the techniques involved with programmatic are:

  • Brand Activation – By using high-impact visual banners, we can help you elevate your brand awareness campaigns. Cleverly placed programmatic targeting will stimulate your target audience and begin to capture their hearts and minds.
  • Geo-Targeting – We will deploy laser-focused targeting, which will target users down to just one kilometer. You can effectively communicate your marketing messaging whilst ensuring that none of your budgets get wasted.
  • Brand Conversion – If you use clever digital executions, you can make sure that you’re driving home a direct call to action – retargeting your audiences based on whether they have visited your website or engaged with your advertising.

Programmatic Benefits

  • Give you the opportunity for hyperlocal targeting within a 1km radius.
  • Retarget users who have visited your website to keep them engaged.
  • Transparent reporting tells you which websites are showing your banners.
  • Generate a high number of impressions at a low cost per thousand (CPM).
  • Engage with your audience with interactive digital banners.
  • Reach an in-market audience using interest segments.
  • White-list targeting – You chose the sites to display your banners.

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