Digital change in your recruitment process.

Adapting to changes throughout the recruitment process.

Lockdown has seen big shifts in digital behaviour, and digital solutions are key to optimising your recruitment process.

Current trends are exhibiting a rise in desktop usage and high search results for jobs in technology, data science, NHS and care sectors. Additionally, searches for graduate schemes, warehouse and managerial roles, delivery drivers and supermarket jobs have also seen an increase  in demand.

The under-24 demographic are currently the most active and unlike other age groups, they are looking for a quick response. Slow, long-winded recruitment process may lose these prospective candidates.

Using digital technology to target only suitable candidates helps filter out inappropriate applications, ensuring your time is spent focusing on those who are a good fit. Here are 3 ways you can drive digital change in your recruitment process:

  1. Use Ecosia, an environmentally friendly search engine which uses advertising revenue to plant trees and improve footprint. Ecosia appeals to younger demographics who are more concerned with a brands social responsibility. Ecosia can also be accessed via the Bing advertising network, allowing you to target audiences in the same way as other search networks
  2.  Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app in the world with 2 billion users in 180 counties – it’s the most downloaded app in the UK and is used by 80% of 18-24-year olds. As well as messaging, it can be used to make payments, share videos, imagery and documentation. Its key features include automated messaging, easy integration with chatbots and CRM systems. Organisations who have utilised this in their processes found that 80% of their customer queries could be addressed using automation, resulting in 60% fewer call back requests. It came highly recommended and could facilitate communications with applicants.
  3. Google Call ads have the benefit of being larger than normal ads and by taking up more space visually, their eye-catching nature helps you get seen. Enabling quick access to your company also accelerates the recruitment process – the easier this is for applicants, the more likely they are to be hired.

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