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Enabling Local Government to engage with its communities

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Local Government

The ability to find the audience, identify where they are online, what kind of messaging they are responding to and even what time of day to target them has never been easier.


Case Study

NHS Solent

A standout, award-winning recruitment campaign
  • 187,902 impressions.
  • 3,458 clicks.
  • £55.05 cost per conversion.

Case Study

Blaby District Council

A recruitment campaign based in Leicestershire to hire two Grounds Maintenance Operatives.
  • 4,551 Clicks.
  • 138,598 Impressions.
  • 3.28% Click Through Rate.

Case Study

Change 4 Life

A campaign in Kent to reach families and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • 401,000 a third of Kent’s population engaged.
  • 36,145 clicks.
  • 27,000 website visits.

Our Services

Servicing Local Government

Raising awareness of a programme, service or subject matter to engage with people in ways that leads to new knowledge, understanding, better decisions, action and outcomes and to change people's behaviour over time.


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